The Year of the Chinese Language in Russia Promotes Cultural Exchanges Between China and Russia

[Source]    Xinhuanet [Time]    2010-03-24 17:03:35 

Building on the success of the 2009 Year of the Russian Language in China, another big occasion for China and Russia, the Year of the Chinese Language in Russia, will commence in late March. Some professionals think that the ongoing "Year of the Chinese Language" in Russia is an important vehicle for promoting Chinese civilization to the Russian public, and it will elevate cultural exchanges between two countries to a new level.

The Year of the Chinese Language has become increasingly popular among Russian universities. Far Eastern National University in Russia held a ceremony to mark the start of the Year of the Chinese Language in mid-February, and the Russian State University for the Humanities held a ¡°Chinese Day¡± activity not long ago. Officials from both sides noted that China and Russia will enhance their mutual cooperation to ensure the success of the Year of the Chinese Language.

Since these ¡®national theme years¡¯ have been successfully held, the two countries have made important developments in enhancing their strategic cooperative partnership. During the "Year of Russia in China", more than 200 activities were held, including college-level student exchanges, seminars, Russian-style contests and singing events held by Chinese people.

The Russian ambassador to China, Sergey Razov, noted that the Year of the Chinese Language is one of the most important bilateral activities between the two countries. The event titled "The Year of the Russian Language" in China was a big success, and Russia is ready to make a great effort to ensure the success of The Year of the Chinese Language.

A diverse range of activities will be held during the Year of the Chinese Language. Hanban, or the Confucius Institute Headquarters, will give strong support to the Year of the Chinese Language.

Zhao Guocheng, Deputy General Director of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, told a Xinhua reporter that Hanban will hold a series of Chinese teaching seminars in Russia as well as for the Russian Confucius Institute Committee during the event. The Russian Association of Chinese Teachers will also be established. Hanban will organize various visits and exchanges, including a group of Russian schoolmasters visiting China, Russian secondary school students attending a summer camp in China, Russian teachers participating in Chinese training courses in China, as well as holding some Chinese language and cultural lectures in Russia. In addition, Confucius Institutes will hold a range of activities, such as holding an ¡®Experiencing China¡¯ Activity and a Chinese Culture Month, organizing performances for students, holding a ¡®Chinese teaching resources¡¯ tour and holding Chinese speech and writing contests in colleges.

Beijing Foreign Studies University, which enjoys a good reputation in Russian teaching circles, will continue to cooperate closely with Hanban for the "Year of Russia in China". Prof. Li Yingnan, director of the university¡¯s Russian language center, told a Xinhua reporter that the center will hold a forum for both Russian students in China and Chinese students who are majoring in Russian to hold discussions on topics such as Sino-Russian relations and perceptions of Chinese people in Russia.

Prof. Li Yingnan said that the "Year of the Chinese Language" is important for the promotion of Chinese culture. It will help to help push the bilateral relationship between the two countries to a new level. These ¡®language years¡¯ will help both Chinese and Russian people to understand each other better.

Zhao Guocheng said that teaching languages and holding cultural activities are indispensable if both countries want to have meaningful exchanges with each other. He noted that the educational and cultural exchanges during the event will promote mutual understanding between the two peoples and enhance the friendship between the two countries.