Chinese Performing Art Staged in Ingolstadt

[Source]    Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt [Time]    2018-07-06 10:58:27 

On the evening of June 24th, 2018, a special cultural highlight featured with Chinese folk opera, dances and music was offered in Ingolstadt, Germany, by a 20-member ensemble from Ma¡¯anshan Municipal Art Theatre, Anhui Province. Over 300 audience watch the show. Ingolstadt Mayor Dr. Christian L?sel, Deputy mayor Mr. Sepp Mi?lbeck, THI President Professor Dr. Walter Schober and Ms Mao Jingqiu, consul general of the Chinese Consulate General in Munich were among the dignitaries who also came to the theatre. The event was initiated by the Consulate and contributed to by Audi Confucius Institute Ingolstadt(AKII) particularly in terms of organization and hospitality.

The ensemble showcased the charm of the Chinese traditional performing art in various forms and with Chinese musical instruments. They played a series of Chinese traditional pieces of music, such as ¡°A Moonlit Night on the Spring River¡±, ¡°Racing Horse¡±, ¡°Pipa Language¡±, ¡°Ambush on All Sides¡± with Guzhen, Yangqin, Erhu, Pipa and bamboo flute. They also sang the classic arias of Huangmei Opera¡¯s ¡°Female Consort Prince¡± and ¡°Lantern Festival¡±.

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, bamboo flute solo

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, pipa solo

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, guzhen solo

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, Chinese musical instrument ensemble

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, Huangmei opera

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, Anhui folk dance

As part of the event, the Confucius Institute¡¯s had a stall at the lobby of the theatre, where its course leaflets attracted numerous visitors.

¡°China Night¡±, a reception hosted by the Consulate General, followed the performance. Ms Mao, Consul general, spoke highly of the event at the reception and expressed her appreciation for the collaborated work done by the City Council and the Confucius Institute to organize the activity. Dr. L?sel, the mayor, acclaimed the show and asserted in his speech that the Chinese performers had brought the genuine Chinese traditional art to the city. He also praised the Confucius Institute for the active role it has been playing in cultural promotional work and Chinese language teaching in the city.

June 24th, Ingolstadt Municipal Theatre, artists with dignitaries

Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, International Online and Donaukurier, and other Chinese and German media conducted a full report on the event.


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