Chinese Folk Music Blooming in University of Cape Town

[Source]    Confucius Institute at University of Cape Town [Time]    2018-09-20 13:07:55 

On September 7th, 2018, Guangdong Music & Folk Art Troupe visited the University of Cape Town, presenting an audio-visual feast for the staff and students in UCT as well as local overseas Chinese. They gathered together and spent a pleasant afternoon at Smuts Hall.

Guangdong Music and Folk Art Troupe is both a professional art troupe specializing in the creation, performance and research of Guangdong Music and Folk Art and a national intangible cultural heritage preservation unit of two major representative programs, namely, Guangdong Music and Cantonese Operatic Songs.

In the welcoming speech, Mr. Liu Wenwu, the Chinese Director for the Confucius Institute at University of Cape Town(CIUCT), said that as a native Cantonese, it was even more meaningful to listen to music from his hometown in a foreign country.

Liu Wenwu gave a welcoming speech

During the Chinese Music Workshop, the Chinese artists demonstrated and introduced some Chinese folk music instruments, including Yangqin, Ruan, Liuqin and Pipa. They presented the audience with several pieces of famous Chinese music, such as Autumn Moon Over Calm Lake, Mountain Song, Ambush from All Sides, and Drinking at the Flowery Pavilion. The artistsí» superb performance won bursts of applause. After the Workshop, CIUCT student Nosipho Ntsizi communicated with a Chinese soprano to express her love for Chinese songs. On request, they joined hands to sing a popular Chinese song -- I Love You China.

The audience enjoying the Chinese music

The Chinese Music Workshop was well received by the South African audience, who expected more Chinese cultural events in the future.

by Xiang Lingjiao


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