Gansu Provincial Acrobatics Troupe Visits Kongzi Institute for Teaching of Chinese Language at University of Malaya (KZIUM)and Gives Performances

[Source]    Kongzi Institute for the Teaching of Chinese Language at University of Malaya [Time]    2019-02-24 14:38:40 

On January 31th, Gansu Provincial Acrobatics Troupe visited Kongzi Institute for the Teaching of Chinese Language at University of Malaya (KZIUM) and joined the ¡°Spring Festival and Ceremony of the 10th Anniversary of KZIUM¡ªA Night for Chinese Acrobatics¡±. The show was sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, organized by Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and co-organized by Malaysia ¡°Belt & Road¡± Committee and KZIUM. Distinguished guests, including Datuk Abdul Rahim Hashim, President of University of Malaya, Noor Zalina Mahmood, Foreign Director of KZIUM, Zhang Jiexin, Chief of Culture Section of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, Li Xiaofeng, Chief of Gansu Provincial Acrobatics Troupe, Wang Zhenghai, Chinese Director of KZIUM, and over 300 people attended the event.

Themed with Chinese acrobatics, this show displayed the national art that was full of local characteristics and demonstrated the charm of Chinese acrobatics through a series of wonderful artistic performances such as juggling with the feet, balancing act on the forehead, and whipping skills.

Opening dance ¡°Bathed in Bright Sunshine¡±

The show kicked off with the elegant dance ¡°Bathed in Bright Sunshine¡±. Juggling with the feet show ¡°Step by Step Success¡± and balancing act on the forehead show ¡°Rhyme of Lotus¡±, coupled hardness with softness, fully reflected beauty of Chinese acrobatics. In the magic show ¡°Face Changing¡±, such classical cultural characters as Sun Wukong, Guan Yu and Lady Yang presented one after another, winning continuous applause of the audience and pushing the atmosphere to a climax. Finally, the show ended with a graceful show ¡°Flying Dream¡±.

¡°Step by Step Success¡±

¡°Rhyme of Lotus¡±

¡°Face Changing¡±

¡°Flying Dream¡±

Group photo

As an important window for the cultural exchanges between China and Malaysia, KZIUM will continue to proactively explore new cooperative projects and make more contributions to promoting Chinese culture and deepening the friendship between the two countries.


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