Teaching Administration Becomes Better and First Confucius Institute in Peru Celebrates 10th Anniversary

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On March 20th local time, according to La Voz de la Colonia China in Peru, the Confucius Institute at Catholic University of Peru (CICUP) celebrated its 10th anniversary. As the first Confucius Institute in Peru, the CICUP was jointly founded by Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PCUP) on March 20th, 2009.

http://www.hanban.org/image/attachement/jpg/site2/20190321/f8b156b828941dfd916e23.jpg http://www.hanban.org/image/attachement/jpg/site2/20190321/f8b156b828941dfd916e23.jpg

Ruben Tang (left), Foreign Director of the CICUP, Teresa JooLamg de Siu (middle), 92-year-old Secretary-General of C¨¢mara De Comercio Peruano China, and Huang Hao (right), Chinese Director of the CICUP cutting the ribbon for the picture exhibition. (Photo by La Voz de la Colonia China in Peru)

Ruben Tang gave an introduction to the development course of the CICUP in the past 10 years to the guests. At its very beginning, the CICUP only had 74 students. This figure rose to 2,100 in 2018. During this process, the CICUP has cultivated a large number of talents proficient at Chinese language. Now the CICUP becomes better in both teaching and administration and offers courses for students at different ages, setting up children classes, teenager classes, and adult classes and customized Chinese language courses for enterprises and the public.

Nine Chinese language teachers at the CICUP (Photo by La Voz de la Colonia China in Peru)

Ruben Tang said that, during the past 10 years, some graduates from the CICUP pursued further studies in China and some were employed by Chinese companies. Many of them gave play to their advantage over Chinese language in their positions. With China¡¯s growing influence, an increasing number of Peruvian students are wild about learning Chinese. Tang extended gratitude to Hanban, two cooperative universities, the Chinese Embassy in Peru and local cooperative institutions for their support.

At the meeting, Ruben Tang also presented the congratulatory letter from the Confucius Institute Headquarters, which praised the CICUP¡¯s efforts in vigorously promoting Chinese language teaching based on universities and communities. The CICUP has become an important window for local residents to understand China and the Chinese culture and has made outstanding contributions to advancing the educational and cultural exchanges between China and Peru as well as deepening the mutual understanding and friendship between the two peoples.

Guests watching the picture exhibition themed CICUP¡¯s development in the past 10 years (Photo by La Voz de la Colonia China in Peru)

After the meeting, the guests watched the picture exhibition themed CICUP¡¯s development in the past 10 years. According to Huang Hao, Chinese Director of the CICUP, the total number of registered students at CICUP reached nearly 15,000 person-times in the past 10 years and the number of student enrollment was expected to exceed 2,500 person-times in 2019.

So far, Peru has set up four Confucius Institutes, with two in the capital city Lima and the other two in the southern city Arequipa and the northern city Piura.

chinanew.com, March 21th

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