Confucius Institute at University of Aveiro Holds 2nd International Congress of Portugal-China Intercultural Dialogue

[Source]    Confucius Institute at the University of Aveiro (CIUA), Portugal [Time]    2019-03-29 18:24:46 

From March 13th to 15th local time, the CIUA held the 2nd International Congress of Portugal-China Intercultural Dialogue. Eul¨¢lia Alexandre, the representative of Minister of Ministry of Education of Portugal, Paulo Jorge Ferreira, President of the University of Aveiro, Jorge Alberto Hagedorn Rangel, President of International Institute of Macau, Carlos Morais, Foreign Director of the CIUA, Rui Raposo, Head of the Department of Communication and Art at the University of Aveiro, and Cai Run, Chinese Ambassador to Portugal, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. Over 300 people, including representatives of Ministry of Education of Portugal, Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, Macao Foundation, the Macau Scientific and Cultural Centre, and scholars of well-known universities in Portugal such as the University of Lisbon, the University of Minho, the University of Coimbra and the University of Evora, as well as experts and scholars from Spain, France, the University of Cambridge in the UK, and the cities including Beijing, Dalian, Macau and Shanghai in China attended the Congress.

Some guests

Carlos Morais expressed welcome and gratitude to the guests and scholars for their presence at the Congress and gave an introduction to the contributions made by the CIUA in Chinese teaching and cultural promotion. He noted that the increasing number of people learning Chinese directly reflected the educational and cultural prosperity of Portugal and China.

Carlos Morais delivering a speech

In his speech, Rui Raposo expressed that it was a great honor for the Department of Communication and Art to hold the Congress again. He wished this Congress a complete success and hoped to make more contributions to the cultural cooperation and exchanges between Portugal and China.

Rui Raposo delivering a speech

In his speech, Jorge Alberto Hagedorn Rangel said that International Institute of Macau has always worked closely with the University of Aveiro in education and culture. The convening of this Congress indicates further cooperation and exchanges between the two sides in the academic field. Additionally, he thanked the CIUA for its contributions to the cultural exchanges between Portugal and China and presented the CIUA with books about Macau¡¯s culture.

Jorge Alberto Hagedorn Rangel delivering a speech

Eul¨¢lia Alexandre said in her speech that it is of great significance for Portugal and Portuguese Ministry of Education to carry out educational and cultural cooperation with China. Since the signing of cooperation agreements with the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) in 2015, key headway has been made in Chinese teaching and promotion of Chinese culture, and various Chinese teaching programs have received unanimous praise from teachers and students. At present, the Ministry of Education hoped to expand the educational cooperation between Portugal and China and set up more Chinese teaching programs. In addition, she extended gratitude to the CIUA for its efforts to promote Portugal-China relations and display cultural diversity, and expected to work with Chinese partners to continue strengthening the educational and cultural exchanges and cooperation between the two countries.

Eul¨¢lia Alexandre delivering a speech

In his speech, Cai Run noted that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Portugal. China and Portugal always respect, trust and understand each other. Currently, the two sides are conducting comprehensive cooperation on all fields. The Chinese side values Portugal¡¯s important role in the building of Belt and Road Initiative and stands ready to work together to deliver more achievements in the cooperation under the framework of Belt and Road Initiative and create more benefits for the two peoples. Cai Run also affirmed the positive contributions made by the University of Aveiro and the CIUA in educational, language-related, people-to-people and cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Portugal.

Cai Run delivering a speech

Paulo Jorge Ferreira said in his speech that this Congress involved a broad range of contents and gathered many scholars and experts. China¡¯s Belt and Road Initiative brings new perspectives and prospects to Portugal and creates a new platform for bilateral cooperation. As the first university in Portugal to offer Chinese courses, the University of Aveiro set up a master major of China Studies in 1998, which was also the first major in Portugal taking Chinese Language and Culture as a compulsory course. The University of Aveiro always supports the promotion of Chinese language and culture in universities and is grateful to Dalian University of Foreign Languages and the CIUA for their contributions. The University of Aveiro will take this seminar as an opportunity to further improve its Chinese teaching and academic levels.

Paulo Jorge Ferreira delivering a speech

This Congress conducted discussions centering on the Belt and Road Initiative, Language Dialogue: Literature, Translation and Teaching, Culture and Tourism, Art Dialogue, Chinese Martial Art Promotion, Giving Play to the Role of Confucius Institutes and other themes. During the Congress, 107 academic papers were received and 21 symposiums were carried out. Li Shi, Professor of Business School of Beijing Normal University and Distinguished Professor of the Changjiang Scholars Program China¡¯s Ministry of Education, was invited to deliver a keynote speech. 89 guests gave their opinions on translation, language, education, cultural exchanges, music, painting, calligraphy, publishing, tourism and other sectors, delivering fruitful academic results.

A series of experience activities related to Chinese culture, a theme concert of ¡°China-Portugal Art Integration and Collision¡±, a picture exhibition themed with the Belt and Road Initiative and other cultural activities were also carried out. At the overseas education promotion conference hosted by Dalian University of Foreign Languages, the distinctive overseas educational programs and scholarships as well as rich and colorful life of studying abroad greatly attracted the teachers and students of the University of Aveiro, especially the students of Department of Language and Culture.

Overseas education promotion conference

At the martial art workshop, the attendees learnt about the origin, cultural connotation and social functions of Chinese martial art, watched Tai Chi performance, five-animal exercise, long-knife performance, and learnt five-animal boxing and lion dance.

Experiencing five-animal boxing

At the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) workshop, the attendees systematically learnt about the concept of main and collateral channels in TCM, as well as channel collateral therapy from the perspectives of pharmacology, dietary therapy, TCM and daily life. They also experienced the TCM therapies such as feeling the pulse, massage and ear acupuncture. These experiences deepened their understanding of TCM health preservation and health care methods.

Experiencing ear acupuncture

At the clay sculpture exhibition of ¡°Innovation of Inheritance: Promotion of Buddhist Art along Chinese Ancient Silk Road¡±, the sculptural works of Zhang Zexun, the fifth successor of Clay Figurine Zhang painted sculpture, displayed the sculptural art integrating innovation and inheritance, illustrated the unique aesthetic thinking modes of the Chinese nation, and deepened the Portuguese¡¯s understanding of Chinese traditional folk culture.

Clay sculpture exhibition

At the cultural activities such as the picture exhibition themed with the Belt and Road Initiative, ¡°Macanese Portuguese Descendants¡¯ Portrait¡± exhibition, and ¡°Wondering China¡± photographic exhibition, visitors appreciated the fruitful results achieved by countries along the Belt and Road route in political, economic, people-to-people and cultural sectors and enjoyed beautiful sceneries in these countries.

At the theme concert of ¡°China-Portugal Art Integration and Collision¡± jointly performed by artists from China, Portugal and Italy, the extraordinary piano and flute tunes lingered in the house. Accompanied by the piano, a solo that was composed based on the poem of the famous Portuguese poet Lu¨ªs de Cam?es fully displayed the original artistic conception. The Italian calligrapher Silvio Ferragina demonstrated Chinese calligraphy on site, manifesting the charm of Chinese calligraphy. The artists¡¯ exceptional performances fully illustrated the theme of ¡°cultural integration and cultural connectivity¡±.

Piano and flute performance

This seminar helped to advance the cultural exchanges and mutual learning between China and Portugal, enhanced their academic communications, and promoted CIUA¡¯s cooperation and exchanges with town halls of surrounding cities in Chinese teaching and cultural promotion, which increased the CIUS¡¯s popularity in the region.

Local mainstream media outlets, including Radio and Television of Portugal (RTP), Di¨¢rio de Not¨ªcias, and Di¨¢rio de Aveiro, covered this event in an all-round way.


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