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  • Procedure for Book Donations to Volunteer’s Serving School in 2010

    1. If the volunteer’s serving school agrees to accept a book donation from Hanban, please write an application letter for the book donation in the name of the headmaster or relevant authority, and fax it to 86-10-58595857, or send its scanned version to The number of Chinese learners at the school, usage and maintenance of the donated books should be included in the application letter. The fax or mail should be marked in Chinese with the subject as “×(Country)- ×(Volunteer)-x(School)’s Application Letter for Book Donation” (For instance: an application letter for book donation by Mae Fah Luang Secondary School in Thailand where volunteer Li Xiangtao served should be marked: Thailand-Li Xiangtao-Mae Fah Luang Secondary School’s application letter for book donation). The application letter should be sent to the Office (Department) of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the local Embassy (Consulate) of the People’s Republic of China for their records;

    2. After the submission of the application letter, the volunteer is required to download the “Application Form of Book Donation to Volunteer Chinese Teacher's Serving School" (hereinafter referred to as the “Application Form”) and, the “Information Table of Book Donation to Volunteer’s Serving School in 2010” (hereinafter referred to as the “Information Table”); consult with the relevant person in charge, select the books needed on and then fill them in the application form. Information for the books should includes the names of the books and the publishers, unit price, amount and total value of the books (figures in the application form should be set as number format, not text or other format, to avoid any mistake in the total value). The book donation mainly consists of teaching materials. Sound wall charts need not to be filled in the application letter, which will be included in the book donation.

    3. Please send the completed application form and information table to as attachments, the e-mail subject should be “×(Country)- ×(Volunteer)-x(School)’s Application Form for Book Donation” (For instance: the subject of the application form for book donation by a volunteer called Li Xiangtao in Thailand would be: Thailand - Li Xiangtao- Mae Fah Luang Secondary School’s Application Form for Book Donation). The attachments should be renamed as “×(Country)- ×(Volunteer)-x(School)’s Application Form for Book Donation” and “×(Country)- ×(Volunteer)-x(School)’s Information Table of Book Donation”;

    4. The application forms for book donation should be submitted once; if there are special circumstances that require resubmission, please indicate in the mail subject as “Second Submission”. The application form should be submitted before November 20, 2010; otherwise it will not be accepted. The total value of books donated to each school should not exceed RMB18,000;

    5. The donated books to the volunteers’ serving schools shall be under the unified management of the schools, so that they can be reused by future students. Volunteers can suggest the establishment of a “Chinese Book Corner” for the preservation of books. Volunteers should be responsible for the management and maintenance of the “Chinese Book Corner”. Please take some photos of the Chinese book corner or the books being used and send them to Hanban for records;

    6. Following the dispatching of donated books, we will send a notification of book donation to the volunteers by the means of e-mail. After the volunteers have received the donated books, please download and fill in the Receipt of Book Donation for Volunteer Chinese Teachers’ Serving Schools in the attachment and send it to the, the subject of the e-mail and the name of the attachment should be the same: Receipt of Book Donation of ×(Country) ×(Volunteer)’s Serving School;

    7. There may be delays in making up the book orders or replacing some books due to publishers’ shortage of stock of some books;

    8. Please fax schools’ thank you letters to 86-10-58595857, or mail, a special mail for Hanban Volunteer Service Center book donations.

    Note: Schools that applied for book donation in 2008 and 2009 may not receive the donation again. Those in urgent need of books should clearly outline the reasons while sending the application form.


    1. Application Form of Book Donation to Volunteer Chinese Teacher's Serving School

    2. Information Table of Book Donation to Volunteer’s Serving School in 2010

    3. Receipt of Book Donation for Volunteer Chinese Teacher’s Serving School

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