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  • Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds

    Chapter 1: General Principles

    1. The "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds" is formulated, in accordance to related rules and stipulations of the Chinese government, to enhance the management of funds (hereinafter referred to as "the Headquarters funds"), by the Confucius Institutes Headquarters (hereinafter referred to as "CIHQ") to individual Confucius Institutes, in order to ensure their efficacy in usage.

    2. CIHQ shall be responsible for examining and approving the annual budgets and final financial summary of projects designed by individual Confucius Institutes, as well as making the overall plans in the administration of the Headquarters funds for Confucius Institutes.

    3. Specific accounts shall be established for the Headquarters funds by each Confucius Institute; the earmarked funds shall be used only for specific purposes. The Board of Directors of each Confucius Institute is responsible for the annual budgets and annual final financial summary of their projects; they shall be held responsible to the CIHQ.

    Chapter 2: Range of Expenditures

    4. The Headquarters funds allocated to each Confucius Institute can be used for the following purposes after obtaining the approval of the CIHQ:

    a. Providing money for the initial operation of a newly established Confucius Institute, including building repairs, and equipment purchases;

    b. Developing Chinese language courses;

    c. Training Chinese language instructors and providing Chinese language teaching resources;

    d. Establishing local facilities for the holding of Chinese proficiency tests, e.g. HSK, YCT, BCT, and for the certification of Chinese language teachers;

    e. Providing information and consultative services on Chinese

    education and culture;

    f. Promoting Chinese and foreign language and culture exchanges;

    g. Other service items or events stipulated in specific agreements of individual Confucius Institutes.

    Chapter 3: Budget Administration

    5. Individual Confucius Institutes shall draw up a budget, based on the needs of projects in the coming fiscal year, by the dates specified by the CIHQ.

    6. Individual Confucius Institutes applying for the Headquarters funds for the coming fiscal year should fill out the "Application Report for Annual Project Funds/ Initial Operation Funds" (Appendix 1).

    The "Application Report for Annual Project Funds / Initial Operation Funds" should include the amount and source of their self-prepared funds, keeping in principle a 1:1 ratio with the Headquarters funds the Institute is applying for.

    The budget for personnel expenses should not exceed 50% of the total project budget.

    7. The "Application Report for Annual Project Funds / Initial Operation Funds" should be submitted, with the consent of their Board of Directors, to the CIHQ for examination and approval before September 15th of that year. The CIHQ shall examine and verify the budget for the projects before March 15th of the following year, and shall allocate the Headquarters funds in a gross sum or in installments before April 1st, according to that Institute's progress in its project implementation.

    8. Criteria for examination and verification by the CIHQ of projects submitted by individual Confucius Institutes include:

    a. Whether or not the projects submitted for verification lay within the support range of the Headquarters funds;

    b. Whether or not the project-related data, submitted as per requirement, are complete and in order, and whether or not the content is equitable and detailed.

    c. Other materials supporting the "Application Report for Annual Project Funds/ Initial Operation Funds".

    9. When applying for Initial Operation funds, a newly established Confucius Institute should, after signing the cooperation agreement, fill out and send back to the CIHQ the "Application Report for Annual Project Funds / Initial Operation Funds".

    10. In due time, the CIHQ shall give a formal written reply to each Initial Operation funds budget application that the CIHQ receives; when received before May 1st, the CIHQ shall verify the application before June 1st; when received before November 1st, the CIHQ shall verify the application before December 1st, so that funds can be allocated in time for initial operation.

    11. The Headquarters funds for the budget, once appraised and ratified, generally will not be amended with a supplementary budget, and any cash surplus will be reverted to the budget funds for next fiscal year.

    12. CIHQ shall be responsible for supervising the budget implementation of all Confucius Institutes. Each Confucius Institute should arrange its budget expenditure according to the budget approved by the CIHQ. Individual Confucius Institutes should apply to the CIHQ in advance, for any significant changes (an amount accounting for more than 10% of the total budget) discovered in their budget implementation, and changes can be executed only after obtaining the approval from the CIHQ.

    13. For Confucius Institutes that are already in operation, the CIHQ may appropriate in advance some parts of the funds before verifying the budget, to ensure the normal operation of these Confucius Institutes.

    Chapter 4: Administration of Final

    Financial Summary

    14. Before January 15th of the following year, each individual Confucius Institute should submit to the CIHQ a report on its final financial summary by filling out the "Report of Final Financial Accounts for Annual Project Funds / Initial Operation Funds" (Appendix 2).

    15. Final financial summary should be accurate in statistics and numbers, complete and intact in content, and punctually filed and reported to the CIHQ.

    16. Each Confucius Institute should prepare its budget and final financial summary according to the "Instructions for Filling in the Tables in Appendix 1 and 2" and complete its budget expenditure under the specified classifications (Appendix 3).

    Chapter 5: Inspections and Assessments

    17. The CIHQ reserves the right to conduct, when it deems necessary, inspections and assessments, including audits, appraisals, and verification, on various Confucius Institutes' budget implementations, final financial summary, and their efficacy in the usage of the Headquarters funds; it also reserves the right to demand further explanations from individual Confucius Institute regarding their budgets and final financial summary.

    18. Inspections and assessments shall be conducted by experts or intermediary agents or institutions entrusted by the CIHQ.

    19. The CIHQ reserves the right to take actions against any Confucius Institute that violates the "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds." Actions may include: demanding the rectification of wrongdoings, stopping further examination, approval or appropriation of more Headquarters Funds, and claiming compensation for the CIHQ's financial loss.

    Chapter 6: Supplementary Articles

    20. If and when a legal dispute occurs between the CIHQ and a Confucius Institute during the course of implementing the "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds," all principal bodies of the various partners in cooperation shall accept the jurisdiction of the Beijing Court.

    21. The CIHQ reserves the right to interpret the "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds."

    22. The "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds" shall come into effect on September 1st, 2008.

    23. In case of discrepancies or legal disputes, the original Chinese "Regulations for the Administration of Confucius Institute Headquarters Funds" text shall be held authority.

    Appendix 1: Application Report for Annual Project Funds/ Initial Operation Funds

    Appendix 2:Report of Final Financial Summary for Annual Project Funds/ Initial Operation Funds

    Appendix 3:Instructions for Filling in the Tables in Appendix 1 and 2

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    I. Project Description

    In order to assist Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) in carrying out their Chinese language teaching activities, Confucius Institute Headquarters will donate a certain amount of books to Confucius Institutes (Classrooms) according to the approved budget each year.

    II. Application Procedures

    1. Book Donation Quotas


    ????? Book donation quotas


    Newly opened

    ?Already in operation

    1. The order shall be submitted 2-3 months in advance in accordance with the annual teaching plan so as to set aside time necessary for book assorting and delivery. Only one order is allowed.

    2. The annual book donation quota for a Confucius Institute in operation shall be appropriately adjusted in accordance with the number of registered students.?

    Confucius Institute

    Less than RMB150,000? Yuan/Year

    Less than RMB50,000 Yuan/Year

    Confucius Classroom

    Less than RMB50,000 Yuan/Year

    Less than RMB25,000 Yuan/Year

    2. Application Processes

    a. Log in the official website of Confucius Institute Headquarters ( and click on Book Donation to complete registration in accordance with the requirements.

    b. Use the registered username and password to sign in the website, click on Categories to select books, and then add the selected books into the Cart. After completing the selection, click on Create Order, then fill in the required information and finally confirm the order.

    c. For applications within the set quotas, the examination and approval shall be carried out jointly by the Division of Teaching Materials of Confucius Institute Headquarters, Confucius Institute Administrative Offices, and Division of Finance.

    3. Book Assorting and Delivery Period

    a. Book assorting period: normally 1-3 weeks, with more complicated orders requiring approximately a month.

    b. Delivery method: by sea only.

    c. Delivery period: 1.5-3 months.

    4. Notes:

    a. Check the status of an order: Sign in the Book Donation website and open Your Orders to view the status of the order. There are six different statuses: Order Awaiting Acceptance; Already Accepted, Waiting for Approval; Order Approved, Assorting; Assorting Completed, Waiting for Shipment; Order Shipped Out; and Order Received.

    b. Sign for a delivery: The applicant, upon receiving the books, must sign for the delivery on-line and send the information sheet of Sign for Delivery to and

    III. Contact Information of the Project Official

    Division of Teaching Materials: Liu Shun (010-58595961)


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