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    In order to actively promote Chinese and improve Chinese language teaching worldwide, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) launched the Chinese teacher volunteer program to boost the spread of Chinese language and culture overseas, strengthen the mutual understanding between China and other countries and increase the friendship and exchange among all the countries. This program is one of the new measures taken by Hanban to meet the current thriving development of Chinese teaching in the world, taking advantages of human resources in China as the native country of Chinese to provide Chinese teachers to countries in need all over the world.

    This program is permitted by the Education Ministry to commence by Hanban on 26 March, 2004.

    Hanban set up Chinese teacher volunteer center (referred to as "volunteer center" for short hereafter) to take responsibility of concrete routine work of this program.

  • Return topSignificance of the Work

    Once a volunteer teacher who used to teach Chinese in Thailand said, "Days in Thailand are unforgettable. I managed to overcome differences of food and drink, special regulations on costume and especially the hot weather, discomfort and flood in rainy season. Hardship and harvest through the year have made me mature. Now I'm feeling that I'm great."

    A volunteer teacher who used to teach Chinese in America said, "The 9 months in America has made me more impatient and quiet. I learned to love others and treasure others' help. It's lucky that I experienced such services. Without that, I'll have to spend more time finding out my weakness. It may last until I begin to raise my own children."

    In the initial stage of the volunteer trip, some may regret the past doings, hesitate, even quit. Everyone needs to struggle with his own laziness, selfishness and distracting thoughts happening in any time and even "human weakness" like capitation. Right because of this, from asking oneself to fulfill the volunteer service commitment to transforming the commitment to motivation for challenging oneself, the volunteer teachers feel the significance of volunteering through the fulfillment of commitment and gain self - improvement from such world - class discipline.

    Whatever to select for need or to make efforts for improvement, the selection itself is full of significance when the volunteers choose to serve. Facing the "Chinese Craze" worldwide, volunteers choose to volunteer in the international Chinese teaching service for the satisfaction of the world's need of Chinese teachers. They make great importance to themselves, to the country and to the world.

    Perhaps, with you one, two or even more foreign friends fall in love with Chinese and China; perhaps, with you a school, an area or even a country know the Chinese culture and China's development. Meanwhile, after you have finished the tasks and returned with honor, the experience will become a valuable wealth to benefit you through your whole life.

  • Return topVolunteers' Duty

    Promote Chinese and Accelerate Chinese's Entering into the World

    Recently, Chinese learning craze has been aroused all over the world along with the thriving development of China's economy and foreign exchanges. "If you want to be ahead of others, learn Chinese!" comment by Time Aasian edition issued on 26 June, 2006 on the current craze for Chinese learning worldwide.

    As former deputy director of the Standing Committee of NPC Xu Jialu said, "Language is always the bridge to set up communication and link minds between peoples or countries. Especially in the present age, its communication usage far surpasses any phases in the history. As the most competent tool to link with the outside world, Chinese is now facing unprecedented pressure and challenge."

    Chinese is useful, but difficult. That's the common feeling shared by all primary learners around the world. How to make the learning easier and make all friends in the world with willingness learn it well has become the difficulty and challenge facing the international promotion of Chinese. To solve the series of problems, large numbers of people with loft ideals are in need to enter the field and shoulder the historic responsibility of accelerating Chinese's entering into the world.

    Spread the Culture to Make the World Know China

    As envoy of Chinese culture, volunteer teachers take Chinese to the world and teach more foreign friends Chinese happily and rapidly and make them know about Chinese culture. Meanwhile, they are supposed to take efforts to learn the local languages and actively mingle with the local cultures. Only in a mutual understanding and communication process can Chinese be accepted more widely and profoundly and be spread for a longer time locally.

    Polish Oneself and Devote Love

    Facing the need of China's peaceful development and Chinese teachers around the world, are you willing to assume the duty of volunteer teachers to devote to China's great strategy of Peaceful Development and open a cultural window for the world to know China? Only devoting can bring the significance.

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