Overseas Volunteer Chinese Teacher Program

  • 1. Project Profile

    To solve the lack of Chinese language teachers worldwide, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) established ¡°Overseas Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers Program¡± in 2006 for trial implementation (Hereinafter referred to as ¡°Overseas Volunteer Program¡±).

    Overseas volunteer program will recruit qualified foreign citizens, overseas Chinese and students aboard volunteering Chinese teaching. It will enhance the world¡¯s understanding of Chinese language and culture. It is helpful to promote the exchange and friendship among China and other countries. These above are the aims of the project.

    Hanban takes charge of and administers the abroad volunteering project. It authorizes Education (Culture) Section of Embassy of PRC to instruct the receiving institutions of recruitment, selection, training, employment, contract signing, consulting, fees payment, routine management.

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    See ¡°International Overseas Volunteer Chinese Language Teachers Program¡± Guidelines (trial)

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    Anyone qualified can download the form below, or apply for application form of the overseas volunteer teachers from Hanban receiving institution abroad.

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    £¨1£©Those of willing and spirit of cooperation and dedication, in Chinese language teaching;

    £¨2£©Bachelor degree or above and standard Mandarin;

    £¨3£©Aged between 22 to 60, physical and mental healthy, no criminal record;

    £¨4£©Qualified to teach Chinese language teaching in the country(region) or with certain experience and skills in Chinese language teaching;

    £¨5£©With communication and cross-cultural communication capacity for living and working in the country.

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